Remember a time where conversations regarding web designs meant only grids and gradients? So old school! (snort). With the emergence of IoT, it is shouldn’t come as a surprise that web designing is also witnessing relentless digital enhancements day after day! And to think that web designs trends are a result of some innovative brainstorming at the click of a mouse, now that’s really wonderful! Now the top website designing trends for 2020 is to focus on the definition of aesthetically beauty including functionality, accessibility, and psychological safety. To know more about the features of best website creation and designing services, read on…


The practice of ensuring that websites and web applications are usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities is called accessibility. This has long been an integral part of web creation and designing in established agencies.

Thanks to the growing awareness & inclusivity regarding specially-abled people, some cases ending up in lawsuits as well, numerous companies now vouch for accessibility.

Being the best web creation and design agency in Delhi NCR we also have evolved ourselves creating a checklist where web professionals, from designers to QAs to editors, can contribute to building more accessible websites and applications.

Digital Marketing & Advertising has surpassed A/B testing. It is no longer the culmination of emotional and logical inferences. Instead of saying that our brand messages are universal, it is time to substantiate it. Your website may have superior UX but the blind cannot see that. The deaf does not hear you. Those with cerebral palsy may struggle to reach out. Truth is, customers need to see themselves reflected in it, to enjoy and find value in a product. Simply put videos, podcasts, infographics and other forms of content have to comply with the inclusive paradigm to cater to a broad spectrum of audience. Go ahead, the effort is worth it!

Ultra Minimalist Navigation

Viewing content has evolved from television to desktops, now gradually shifting from tablets to smart wrist-devices. This means that navigation has also been getting much more simplified to accommodate smaller device screens and even smaller customer attention spans.
Imagery has gained more prominence, taking away much of the difficulty in usability. Today’s web creation is all about helping the viewer to move around instead of stopping short to wonder how to move around. So fewer tabs, more context!

The takeaway here is - Large-scale photos and videos are your chance to impress users. This should be constituted by bare minimum text that is eye-catchy and interactive.

As the top website creation and designing agency in Delhi NCR, we ensure your website is worthy through expert use of powerful and artful visuals that says it all.


For years now content in website development has always been overlooked. Not anymore! It is wise to consider that interactive and educative content in plain HTML with decent typography will always fare better than a pretty site with substandard content.

It is really surprising to find that a question or debate regarding the relevance of content even exists!

Come to think of it, users who visit your website would like to know how much value your products and services have in store for them instead of only visually appealing features. They always love to be felt belonged, get to know products that reflect their needs and aspirations.

Powerful brand messaging is where you can have the first assurance of driving traffic, leads and conversions to your website! It is not just about user experience- quality content increases audience attention and engagement, builds authenticity, while also being an incredible source of value.

Futuristic Feel

When our daily lives are driven by digitally enhanced decisions, why not websites? How many times have you opted out of a website just because it was too gaudy or not at all appealing?

Colour schemes and vibrant palette form an integral part of visually enhancing features of any website. But at Exopic Media - the leading website development company in Delhi NCR, it is not just about ‘any website’!

2020 calls for luminous and futuristic colour displays. Bold and outspoken themes rule the world of the internet market. Neon shades of green, orange, blue, yellow, violet complemented by Indigo, Fuschia, Lavender are some of the popular palettes you must have come across. Design, now, is daring using glow-in-the-dark neons and highly saturated colours in combination with darker, muted shades to give the designs a luminous feel. Dark mode infused with duotones keeps this trend shining! Get in touch with the best website development services in Delhi NCR for your super-brand website containing futuristic, neon pops of colour and stark colour opposites to make veritably vivacious visuals.

Immersive Elements

Powerful content can always be paired with immersive elements to capture audience attention and guarantee maximum navigation & click through rates. Motion graphics is so out of fashion. Hyper realistic 3D is in!

3 Dimensional graphics at present has a much-simplified infrastructure than before, making it more accessible and affordable. Get going! Break down the barriers between digital screens and reality. Give your target audience a chance to immerse into your brand potential.

Spoiler Alert: Maximum brand awareness and audience engagement are in store for you! Get in touch with the leading digital marketing and advertising company in Delhi NCR.

Hope this was an insightful read. If you’re looking for top-quality website creation and designing services we are here to help! Be it e-commerce, digital marketing, education, or any kind of websites pertaining to various industries & purposes, our exceptional team of webmasters see to it that your brand message and identity gets delivered to your target audience. Get in touch with us to know more about comprehensive and affordable web development packages.