Adapting to the Covid-19 Scenario in Advertising

Economic pressures, natural disasters or even political tensions - the advertising industry has seen its fair share of turmoil & disruption through centuries and has overcome them too! The major highlight here is that these episodes were short-lived. The Corona global pandemic is, however, a different scenario altogether. Every business from the grassroots level to the most flourishing conglomerates have been thrown off-balance. Even the health and education sectors have been badly hit and are slowly recuperating.

The present times aren’t really about working from home or preparing business contingency or keeping the sales graph going, it’s about months of cancelled orders, fear of paying wages, decimated supply lines and scaling back, fast. Staff population is crunched; factories and offices are unable to maintain isolation, social distancing, recruitments and even the growing demands of maintaining safety and hygiene.

Numerous industries, agencies and institutions are actively engaging in teleworking for as many feasible tasks as possible. Older agencies have shed their disapproval of digital tools of Coworking. Slack, Teamviewer, Zoom are among the new uber-cool terms trending in workspaces. Multiparty video conferencing tools with screen sharing facilities are proving to be time-saving, cost-saving and bringing in revolutionary changes in the office lifestyle. Corporate giants like IBM, PepsiCo, TCS, Twitter have already paved the way for adopting the Work-from-home model. Though the media industry is witnessing staggering effects, advertising agencies are seeing opportunities that can pivot from radical digital transformation. Multiple campaigns empowered by interactive online content marketing can help deliver favourable results even in these most challenging phases.

Content has been tailored - TV series and famous shows are less frequent, live sports has been cancelled, programmes have been stopped mid-production. Mammoth sporting events such as IPL, Olympics, among others are all under the uncertainty cloud. On the other hand, evergreen television shows from olden ages are catching up. Channels are using their back catalogues to fill these gaps which kept the viewership rates increasing thus providing a buffer for advertisement streaming. There are also industries where WFH model would not be applicable, video production for instance. "Ad films that have been produced are somewhere in a stalled stage and the ones that were about to go into production are being cancelled or pushed, while the advertisers gauge whether the events will resume on schedule,” says Cyrus Pagdiwala, executive producer, Corcoise Films.

Being one of the leading advertising agencies in Delhi NCR, numerous trusted clients are already seeing an upsurge in their business thanks to their real-time response in adapting to the changing dynamics of advertising & marketing. Through this blog we are taking the opportunity to guide and support our clients. We are aware that some clients are wanting or rather needing to pull spend, however, others are spending and maintaining budgets.

There are brilliant examples -
Arla and Co-op have come out with bold & unconventional idea for e.g.#clapforcarers on Channel 4.
Hershey Co. reportedly replaced content for its two ads focused on human interaction with spots featuring only chocolate bars, text and voiceover.

There is no denying that times are turbulent and unpredictable but media and market experts strongly vouch that this is the time for more innovation, more community inspired advertising. Why? Because people are spending more time consuming online content more than ever. Could there be any better opportunity brands to engage meaningfully with their respective audiences, while being sensible about the situation? There are so many reports of fake news, false claims and misguided content propping up every now and then taking advantage of the chaos caused by the pandemic. The advertising industry has a role to play by avoiding and demonetising disinformation. As a part of the media industry, we can take on this challenge, grabbing the bull by the horns implementing domain/app inclusion lists or exclusion lists, or working with third-party vendors.

Being the best digital advertising and marketing agency in Delhi NCR, we are well aware of the fact that all communications will be viewed via the lens of coronavirus in the coming future. We can give an entirely different makeover to your brand to maintain your visibility. Taking into account every minor detail from context, scenario, audience requirement, need generation, curiosity and so much more - we can give the required impetus to your brand reputation. The right kind of content and the right kind of strategy can maximize your ROI during this time of extraordinary upheaval. We can help add value to your brand and help you get noticed by being useful, informing, entertaining or connecting people – or a combination of all four!