Benefits of Cinema Advertising Campaigns

Benefits of Cinema Advertising Campaigns

Benefits of Cinema Advertising Campaigns and Multiplex Advertising: As an entrepreneur who is looking for brand promotion with the highest engagement score and lowest avoidance score, Cinema Advertising is definitely a great choice for you. Movie experience has undergone a tremendous transformation in a century. Gone are the days where people used to sit on the floor or on wooden chairs from start to end without even a refreshment break. Nowadays cine experience is all about multiplexes, food courts, and before-the-movie & interval ads. The paradigm shift is witnessing exhibitors investing in Digital 4K projection, Dolby Atmos sound, plush reclining seats, a food menu that suits your mood and an overall ambience that focusses on entertainment and uplifting the spirits.

Multiplex Advertising and Cinema Advertising Campaigns are a new and wise way of boosting your prospects. This is because most Cinema-goers are typically young and relatively more brand conscious.

Did you know that more than 50% of the footfall are in the age group of 14 to 38?

Movie-going is no longer a weekend affair. Times have changed and so has the spending & socializing scenario of consumers. The entertainment industry is fast diversifying thanks to the rising demand for the thrill, fun, good vibes along with strong content. Frequent Cinema goers watch a movie once every week or at least once in 4 weeks. Subsequently, this has made space for ads appearing as a part of the movie-watching experience. It finds the consumer in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind, perfect to get your message across.

Why miss out on this incredible opportunity, where your ads can get placed and your brand message can be delivered effectively? After all, 60–65% of the people have rated Cinema as the most popular source of entertainment.

Take Advantage of Cinema Advertising Campaigns With Exopic Media:

  • Deliver your message to an audience sitting with rapt attention.
  • Get higher Ad-recall value
  • Visual engagement through a full and vibrant colour display, sound and motion along with enhanced association with the main movie.
  • Maximize Purchase prospects because most cinema halls are located in commercial and high-profile retail areas. We position ads close to the point of purchase.

Through this article we have shared about Benefits of Cinema Advertising Campaigns. Pioneering Cinema Advertising over the last few years, our industrial experience and market exposure enable us to design the best Cinema Advertising Campaigns in India. We are the top Multiplex Advertising agency offering versatile ad options at affordable packages. Get in touch with the No.1 Cinema Advertising company in India for the best brand messages.

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