Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Star Plus TV

Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Star Plus TV

Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Star Plus TV: What brings tremendous audience engagement boosts your brand performance within minimal time & efforts, bold & underlined- giving you maximum return of investment?

Television Advertising!

TV has been an integral part of the Indian Living Room for decades now. Times change, trends change, but TV Advertisement has stood the test of time adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of visual media. Owing to its remarkable adaptability and evolutionary characteristics, there is nothing wrong in saying that it is the Crocodile of the media world!

Advertisement in Star Plus TV Channel

One of the most popular and promising means of advertising, TV Advertising never fails to capture the attention of a mass audience. Did you know? India has the second-largest Television audience in the world. All the more a natural option for brands to boost their potential via advertising in the intervals of the highest-rated TRP shows! Star Plus is a renowned channel owned by the thespian media entertainment group, Star India Network. Recently it also got incorporated as the  21st Century Fox Star India network. The channel provides a mosaic of entertainment options right from regional soap operas, reality shows, travel, food, music, movies etc. It is equally well known in media circles for its glitz and glam award functions, and great prowess in the marketing & promotional strategies. Aren’t these enough benefits for  Advertising on Star Plus Channel?

Other great and undeniable Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Star Plus TV includes:

Segmentation of Audience Demographics is possible at three levels: region-centric, nationwide or internationally through Star Plus advertisement.

Cost of Releasing Advertisement in Star Plus TV is generally determined by

Seasonality  – Costing varies every 3 months, though summertime tends to be more cost-effective as compared to other seasonal rates.

Time Length –  The industry standards cite 10-15 seconds; so costs would vary for Ads that are shorter or longer than that.

Showtime – Prime Time is relatively more expensive than Non-Prime Time, but it guarantees great levels of viewership if you’re looking forward to reaching out to a larger audience base. You can also book slots for the day, evening, noon hours according to your requirements.

Advertising on Star Plus Channel was never easier! With an industry exposure and experience of decades in TV Advertising, Exopic Media Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Television Advertising agency in Delhi. Strong business connections with local and national media houses have what made us the top TV Advertising company which helps in Advertising on Star Plus Channel. We assure you:

  • Competitive market rates: By providing you with legitimate quotes available in the market.
  • Complete Transparency: Most media portals tend to increase their rate and then lower it by fake discounts. But Exopic Media stands for authenticity in Media buying. The best rates that suit your best interests.
  • End to End Media Consultancy: What display time is best for your brand? What packages suit your ad requirements? What kind of campaigns to be run? The in-house media team at Exopic Media guides you through your media plan right from start to finish.
  • Performance Analytics: Get measurable results through smart performance analytics. Check out how your brand performs via real-time reporting. Get a clear understanding of the impact your campaign has had on the audience.

Customer is king and we are very particular about fulfilling the requirements of our clients while strategizing an effective media campaign at the most justified rates. Get Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Star Plus TV at cost-effective rates only from Exopic Media Pvt. Ltd.

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