The dream of any business is to increase sales. 

The dream of any marketer is to increase his audience base and net worth. 

The combination of the above two dreams on a digital platform gives birth to Online Marketing. Now, how to maintain – the flow of customers, increase in sales and consistency in target prospects? By creating a ‘Buyer persona’!

You must be thinking-

 “Wait, what do these guys even mean by  ‘Customer’ or ‘Buyer’ persona?”

It is defined as the sketch based on your target customers, their preferences and behaviours while interacting with your organisation through the usage of your products and services. 

Is ‘Buyer persona’ that much important? Yes!

  • It gives you and your organisation tremendous value and insight.
  • It facilitates a comprehensive view of customers’ needs, current problems & challenges and how to tackle them
  • Guides in the desired outcome through product development having effective and long-lasting features. 
  • Presents the bigger picture, thereby helping you to decide investment of time and efforts, streamline projects, campaigns and initiatives on a priority basis.
  • Encourages customer-centric marketing and advertising by aligning the entire organisation towards a customer-oriented approach.

All of this leads to a better-equipped organisation consistently providing excellent content, service, and a superior customer experience that keeps them coming back to you for more! 

Consequently, the rate of audience interaction and engagement with your products and services increases, leading to a higher rate of conversions and profits, not to forget, bringing in a continued influx of prospects who matter. 

There, your question has been answered!

If you’ve just begun your business, then building a ‘Buyer persona’ can be tricky as well as a daunting task. Worry not! Let’s have a comprehensive look:

Extensive research and insightful feedback work a long way in charting out the ‘Buyer persona’. It involves scheduling & conducting customer interviews, demarcating focus groups, carrying ethnographic studies also dubbed as Qualitative feedback. Furthermore, Quantitative research is carried out through Web analytics, Multiple choice surveys, and using tools for Market segmentation and Internal/ External data mining. 

‘Buyer persona’ can be singular or numerous. The more, the merrier! A perfect personal analysis explains the differences between cohorts, segments, and uniqueness among the various personas. This can be effectively used in the corresponding marketing campaigns. 

Do audiences visit your website to go through your products and services? No! They visit your site to know what your company has to offer. What can you do for them? What’s in it for them? What is the value that you’re cultivating in them through this audience engagement?  This is where two concepts of Buyer Persona steps in:

“FAB” Formula that can be elaborated as –

Features that define the characteristics of your product and services. 

Advantages that distinguish the brand and the products from existing competitors in the market.

Benefits that tell the audience what’s in it for them.

“PAS” formula, on the other hand, drives focus on the current Problems, indulges in relatable storytelling by Aggravation of the current issues and challenges and then provides. Solutions to the existing problem. It’s all about not just highlighting the problems of the consumer, but equally highlighting how your brand tackles them with constructive and durable solutions. 

The right tone gets you the right kind of customers & conversions! ‘You’ is a very powerful term. When you deliver your brand message in the same language as your buyer or consumer, they relate to you very well. Your brand message becomes more direct and engaging. Your content is more persuasive and your organisation successfully establishes a personal connection with the customer.

Lastly, the underlying content of your ‘Buyer persona’ must be data-driven and relevant. This can be done by studying the demographics of existing customers on the basis of age, location, language, income, buying behaviour, interests and activities, and life stage. Using this, your organisation can explore new horizons and possibilities to attract a wider base for audience engagement. Then you need to dig deeper into your social media and web analytics to study consumer trends and behaviour. Simultaneously, observe what your rival companies are up to, by analysing their buyer persona concepts and strategies. 

We at Exopic Media, are committed to creating unique and multi-layered buyer personas that can be optimized for offline as well as online marketing & advertising platforms. Join us to make your online presence powerful and increase your brand awareness & ROI!