Boost your Campaign through Curiosity Marketing

It’s always a good day to __ .

  • Have apple pie?
  • Learn something new?
  • Travel?

Which of the above phrases do you think, is the best fit? Turns out, all of them! 

Did it spark something in you?

Your mind wouldn’t let go of the blank space. You sat down to think and solve. Your curiosity and interest were piqued, isn’t it?

Face it, we all are inquisitive by nature. The strong desire to learn more, to join the missing pieces, to gain more knowledge, is what makes us humans the most superior species. And while curiosity may kill the cat, it is what adds firepower in our lives, to keep going and achieve greater heights! Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise when ‘Curiosity’ is being used as a potent force in marketing. 

Curiosity marketing can be termed more as a principle, than a strategy. This can be used to devise a fruitful content marketing strategy. You’ve got to pique your target audience’s curiosity through digital storytelling, videos, PR, posts or other types of content compelling enough to engage them further. This subsequently fosters expectations. The success of your marketing strategy is proportional to how well you’re able to satisfy your target audience’s curiosity. 

Here are some wonderful tips to generate curiosity:

Irresistible Headlines

Right from the usage of words to the font size and colour, the headline of your content should be eyeball-grabbing. For instance “5 things they don’t tell you while investing in mutual funds” or “15 great puns from Great Indian Brands” are sure to capture user’s attention. 

Headlines should have a tantalizing, inspiring, warning or an emotional tonality. Sometimes even comic headlines are a great success! Remember, don’t give away too much information in your headlines itself!

Curiosity Gap

Better told as- the intermission between what we already know and what we want or need to know, is the key ingredient used to spice up your marketing or advertising campaigns. Quizzes are a great example of engaging content. Curiosity gap can be generated through audio, visuals and/or text. How to effectively put it to use? 

  1. You must have come across stories (brand-related or general) that ends abruptly and early, leaving viewers guessing. The audience just loves cliffhangers!
  2. How many ads have you come across in your TV or mobile screens which offer new information followed by messages like “Coming soon near you!” or “Wait for it”? Many brands, use this common technique in various forms of content and delay the audience’s ability to learn more by selective withholding of their product or service knowledge. 
  3. Some companies illuminate their results of a product or service post-usage, before actually letting their audience know regarding their detailed function. 

Respect Audience Intelligence

There are several online contents with captivating headlines and phrases that encourage users to click and explore the pages. But nothing gets them more dejected than come across a totally irrelevant content after doing so. One such common type is Click bait. These are links which generally motivate the viewer to click and see what comes up next. But the headlines hardly deliver the promise, as the details in the content are completely from what the viewer expects to learn or know about. Cheap trickery in the guise of curiosity harms and negatively impacts your brand and company. So it is important to fulfill and deliver on the promise on the headline of your content, be it an ad, post or e mailers. 

Focus on Content Quality, not Virality

It is a must, to give equal weight-age and carefully craft an online content which arouses as much interest as the headline. The more entertaining and insightful you make it, the more customers will spend time going through your content and finally end up sharing it or referring to it. Just make sure to give only enough information to ignite curiosity within the customers’ mind and lead them back to your website or business pages. Once you take care of your content quality, virility will automatically emerge. Good content never fails to attract high-quality leads. 

Customers eyes are always wandering. And they’ll only go for the best. And why not?! They deserve it! Curiosity Marketing gives you an incredible chance to be the best. It is a great opportunity to prove & promote your brand value. When you fulfill your customers’ curiosity and deliver engaging content, they feel compelled to share it, thus, making your content go viral. This leads to increased leads, drives sales and higher profits. By adding an element of curiosity into a robust content marketing campaign, you’ll be able to achieve consumer engagement while also capturing and retaining the loyalty of your consumer base.