Digital Content Trends to watch out for in 2020

The Internet revolution has its clandestine clutches engrained everywhere including our regular day to day chores! We are careening towards a future with technologically bright prospects. It is for the same reason that we need to come with high-quality content having the following essential qualities:

  • It should be more useful. 
  • It must be helpful than ever before. 
  • Technically amazing in a manner that aligns with user habits, preferences, and search needs.

New Year is just around the corner and now is the right time to gear up, analyse and implement the content marketing strategies that will help your brand in building buyer personas, generating quality traffic and increasing visibility & searchability. 

Let’s have a look at what’s content trends happening and what’s not!

More Purposeful & Powerful Content

You’re surfing online and you come across one content that gives you, well, just plain information. You quickly move on to find another piece of content which has detailed &  accurate information accompanied by attractive visuals, pocket-friendly economy and persuades you to take action. 

Which one would you go for? 

Of course, the second one! This is because, the page or more specifically, the brand talks to you. 

User-generated content is now, more relevant than ever. And this will go on to rule the charts! And it just became more competitive because users want to have a new and never-before experience every time when they’re online. 

What are the finest traits of User-Generated Content (UGC)  and Personalized content? 

  • High-quality write-ups that are tailormade for the target audience.
  • Consistency for Brand’s tone & style.
  • Better visuals for e.g. infographics, branded imagery, and custom blog images and videos. 

According to Content Marketing Institute’s B2B report, 90% of the most successful content marketers mark their audience’s information needs on priority over their promotional message.

  • Content should be interactive and immensely shareable. This increases your brand visibility & awareness. 

Video is the ‘The Thing’

The demand for Video content is ever-increasing across all realms of business, education and other areas including our daily lives! 

Engaging content with stunning visuals provides the right momentum for customers to interact with your brand. 

With advanced technology like Augmented reality, Immersive content, Dynamic imagery and Video-friendly features from Youtube fast catching up, visual storytelling will continue to enthral customers in 2020 and beyond!  

62% of customers voraciously consume video content worldwide!

Hubspot reports that on an average, 56% of 25-34-year-olds and 54% of 35-44-year-olds would love to view more video content from brands they support.

Don’t be too intimidated by the idea of video creation. We’re here to help! You can choose types like Helpful tips, Brand story, DIY, Enlisting the best etc. based on your target audience. In fact, did you know that almost 50% of online shoppers went ahead with the purchase only after viewing relevant video content? Video content helps you present maximum information within minimum time. So why not give it a shot?! 

Voice-assisted Marketing 

“Hi! I am Siri. How may I help you?”

Don’t we all just love to ask, place an order, register, shop, give our command or even call our dear ones through the Voice assistant cum Chatbot? 

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby and Cortana are the predominant voice assistant bots that have taken the market by storm. 

Initially created as efficient search bots, these have now inspired several marketers, entrepreneurs and business conglomerates to take the search game up a notch.  Nowadays content generated is optimized in order to make provide a more personalized experience to the user. Customer preferences, buyer traits and shopping trends are taken into account before streamlining the tailormade campaign. 

And why not? Voice search simply means less number of clicks, minimum time frame and maximum results! This could actually have a great impact on Paid Search and Organic Search Listings. Almost 73% of customers have gone ahead with online purchases with the help of voice assistants. And 39% of the customers feel that voice assistants actually influenced their online purchasing decisions. These stats stand testimony for the rise of Voice Search Marketing in 2020. 

AI? Aye Aye! 

Any device today, right from mobile to TV is fuelled by the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) learn from human experiences, devise new inputs, perform tasks and then provide ingenious solutions for different situations and needs.

Users are increasingly being assisted by Artificial Intelligence for:

  • Shopping
  • Customer Care Interaction
  • Office tasks 
  • Business
  • Research and Development 
  • Medical Health and even
  • Content Strategy & Planning!

Content Marketers in 2020 will sow the seeds of understanding consumer behaviours and platform preferences to effectively reach target audiences and reap their profits! Notable patterns, demographics, behaviours, etc. would be the prime areas recognised by marketers to effectively advertise to their customers. 

Content writing would have a more natural, conversational voice that answers the questions relevant to your business, product or service, taking into account intent and context in addition to what your consumers are asking.

Another important point to note is emphasizing on longer tail keyword phrases to expand paid search keyword lists, reaching users based on the different questions being asked.

E.A.T and Moat 

You just went “What? Huh?!”, didn’t you? 

They do sound like the rhyme word-cards back from our kindergarten days, but these are actually abbreviated theories very much relevant to the 2020 content strategy.  When it comes to creating the perfect tailor-made content just E.A.T! Simply put, your content must elicit Expertise – Authoritativeness -Trustworthiness. 

You may be having a website representing a specific brand or organization, or you may be an individual author writing content on those websites or your own portal.

So how to create Great E-A-T?

  • By earning links or mentions from other authority websites.
  • Provide essential E-A-T information ( bio, credentials,etc.)  on your ‘About’ and ‘Author’ pages.
  • Outbound links leading authoritative sources for supporting stats, data, and facts in content.
  • Inbound links that lead your target audience to the relevant pages with valuable information on your Native Site.

Apart from the above mandates updating your site and content regularly with recent, relevant, accurate, information. Above all the more exceptional and user beneficial information you come up with becomes the deciding factor for a Great E-A-T!

MOAT, on the other hand, is generally a drawbridge that ancient palaces and castles had in their entry gates to prevent invasion and ensure security.  

But what does a moat have to do with marketing? 

It’s not just companies today that build brands and hire celebrities to market them, famous personalities have their own brand lines! HRX (Hrithik Roshan), MAC Riri Woo range of Lip shades (Rihanna), The John Abraham Collection and The Honest Company by Jessica Alba, are some very good examples. And the main focus is a strong brand given momentum by great influence and good monetizing! An average of 10 million dollars is being spent regularly by companies like Nike, Abbott, Hindustan Lever, American Express, etc. Brand building & management kickstart your business and ensure maximum ROI. We at Exopic Media too, provide you with the strongest, most durable and long-term beneficial moat to grow your business!

All through this while, you must’ve observed that ‘Personalization’ is the underlying principle dominating all trends of 2020 and pulling the string from behind the scenes! Email Marketing consisting of segmented lists and personalized email blasts which works way better than the generic mails. 80% of consumers and users feel that they are sure to give their business to companies offering them a more personalized experience. This proves that ‘Personalization’ is indeed good for your business! 

Exopic Media is a renowned 360-degree digital marketing and advertising company that understands that Content is King. For content that sells and brings in the maximum ROI contact us today!