It has been over a month since the tenth annual Social Media Day was celebrated on June 30th. It marks an important turning point of this decade and we must take this chance to emphasize and recognize the astounding impact that social media continues to have on our world. Practically speaking, it is but a single day to commemorate the importance of social media; every day can be a reason to celebrate if we can work constructively towards customer engagement & sentiment! 

Realising the Importance

Your existing customers, your upcoming prospects, even your rivals, potentially everyone – they’re all talking about you! It’s not just about a webpage or static digital content anymore. User-generated content is a must. And for any business to be a huge success today, regular interactions on social platforms are vital. Online reputation management your topmost priority will improve your bottom line results! Thankfully there are social media management tools and personnel that can make the job easier for you. 

Be Consistent 

Building a brand image & positive reputation takes a lot of time and effort. At the same time, it doesn’t take long or much for your credibility to fade away on social media. Whether you erroneously post something too very complicated or completely unrelated to your brand or are very irregular with your posting schedule, diverting your followers is the last thing you want to do. Social Media Management helps you create consistent brand messages across all social networks. Good online reputation comes not only from reacting well to what people say about the company, brand, products or services, it is also about when and how to react (or whether a reaction is even needed in the first place). 

This is where you need us! We help you build your brand, establish trust with your customers and help you grow your business. 

Constructive Problem-Solving

Products and services of any company may encounter some unprecedented faults, damages, followed by criticism. It may also face online reputation bombs such as negative reviews, negative media coverage or even hate sites. Sales and market, as a result, could be severely hit. Also unfavourable TV, print, and online media coverage impact negatively on companies and brands. 

This can be alleviated by treating your Page 1 of Google as your business card. Aggressive SEO activity needs to be undertaken as a part of an effective marketing strategy that increases the ranking of positive content about the organisation. Another step is to be prompt with replies to the reviews received. At the same time maintaining a level-headed approach is essential. This means analysing false claims, illegal content, defamatory language or sole intent to destroy the reputation of the organisation. In other serious cases threatening to destroy your brand image, it would be better to have onboard skilled online investigators who can detect untraceable threats and attackers via email tracing, data cross-indexing, and other information collection techniques. 

Take the #hashtag world by storm!

Make the Twitterati busy and keep Facebook customers engaged by starting a new #hashtag that relates to a current affair, common interest, or a genuine trend that you want to launch. It keeps the conversation on the move and helps you expand your brand’s horizons. 

Another way is finding new feeds to follow and interact. You see, social media is a two-way conversation. You must follow, interact with others, and try to rediscover as much as one wants others to engage with you. It not only helps you build your network, but there’s also a good chance that some of these channels can follow you back!

Having a centrally-managed system

As a modern entrepreneur, it is highly likely that you are managing numerous accounts on various social media. If not, now is the right time! Posting and managing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, can become a lot overwhelming. Callous social media management can lead to inconsistent posting and disorganisation. It would be much better to manage all locations from a single dashboard to improve regularity, collaboration and brand consistency. 

Never miss out on a chance to thank your customers for their undaunted support. After all, they are the strength of your organisation! This can be done through well designed social media posts. It is vital for businesses to take charge of their online presence by regularly monitoring activity across various social platforms. This makes it easier to respond swiftly and appropriately to client queries, suggestions and feedback. 

We at Exopic Media understand the importance of social media in engaging existing and potential customers. Even with limited resources, strong & efficient social media management can help you carry out the most effective strategies. 

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