You’re an enterprising entrepreneur who is very careful about each and every process that goes into making your organisation much better than it was yesterday. Still, you’ve been baffled for days together now that somehow the leads and prospects don’t seem to add up. Even though you’ve been investing your hard work, time, money, technology… pretty much everything! On the digital front, your company website seems to be working great, gathering majority views so everything is going fine. 

Or is it?

Do you have a landing page video? Have you considered it at all…? If no, then now is the perfect time to get started! 

You see, Forbes says that videos on a landing page drive up conversions by 80%. 

Perhaps you have milestones that are yet to be achieved, or you may be gearing up for your inception, with an explainer video on your landing page, you can:

  • Narrate your brand story – Why is your company here to stay? 
  • Show ‘em what you got – Illuminate on your USPs and service support.
  • Stand testimony  – It is always great that you’ve earned trusted customers. Featuring customer testimonials Get them to star and you’ll shine in the market!
  • Interactive case studies – Informative and supportive analytics is what people always want. After all its a sordid proof that strengthens their belief and secures trust! 

 In fact, 90% of consumers say that marketing videos help them in making major purchase decisions. Previously, I’ve shared the relevance of video in business, in the recent decade and how it has metamorphosed from a single point of marketing to a holistic business entity. 

Now that I have provided enough analytics and evidence to gain your attention (and trust), let’s get to know tips & tricks to create awesome explainer videos!

Attract attention

8 seconds is all you got. Yes! That’s the average attention span of a viewer. So, get into your customer’s notice within the first 3 seconds – by an interesting caption, an awe-inspiring visual or a thought-provoking question or fact. 

Be precise and exact

So how much should the video duration be for an explainer video? An explainer video typically explains your brand, its product and services within 60 to 90 seconds. Prolonging the time may not only make the process tedious, but most people may also refuse to watch the content just by looking at the time span. We don’t want that to happen now, do we?

In the case of other video forms, like educational videos, team introduction videos, training videos, videos that list out ‘best entities’ etc. especially those demanding detailing and elaboration will naturally take a few more minutes to cover. 

Everything relies on the script

A concise, well-explained and engaging script is the key to a successful explainer video. It is better to have an outsider, that too, a professional scriptwriter handle the project. Why? Because as an owner or an employee of the company you would be extremely attached to your brand identity and concept, micro-detailing is highly likely, leading to distortion of video content. Also, scriptwriters can give a fresh, renewed look to your company which results in a video that anyone can easily understand.

Another important aspect is the word limit. The standard word limit for a 1-minute video is 150 words. Squeezing in a lot more words makes the video cumbersome. Remember, the shorter the video (as mentioned in the former point) the much better it is! Your marketing video and your audience, both need a breather, that is, adequate space and time for the message to be delivered and imbibed.

Simplicity is the grandeur – If your explainer video covers the following:

The problem

Within the first 20 seconds current issues, difficulties, seemingly unsolvable situations that address the pain your customers are having. 

The solution

The next 20-25 seconds should be well spent in explaining how your products, services help tackle all of the above.

Functions & operations

If applicable, it is essential to briefly describe how your product/ service works or how to get started. This should take no less than 25 seconds. 

A call to action

The last 5 or 10 seconds is the time of powerful impact.   Tell people what to do next. 

Kudos! You have made yourself a wonderful explainer video! 

When you have fun, your customers will have fun too! Adding elements of surprise or comedy, or even presenting something outlandish in a positive & intriguing way can work miracles for your explainer video. Moreover, you can create stories with real-life people and their journey from struggle to triumph relating to your brand or your products. Another cost-effective option is to go for animation – it is vividly designed, very expressive  & takes relatively fewer efforts and turn around time. It pays well to be experimentative with numerous resources & recent advanced technology at your disposal. 

Tune the tone! It may seem small, sometimes insignificant but that’s where you’re faltering. It’s amazing to observe how music can influence your explainer video! It has the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions and set the tone as well as the pace of your explainer video. But for that, you have to have a good ear and an excellent choice that fits your theme and brand identity! 

Launch your video with minimal efforts and maximum resources. There are numerous video hosting sites such as Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, etc. which are reliable and efficient. You can also take help of social media marketing, influencer marketing, blogs, emailers, newsletters or events to leverage your video content.

Get some Google love! Be it blogs, articles, social media posts or even video – any content uploaded on the internet lives up to its full purpose only when noticed by search engines. If you’re actively (or even passively) involved in marketing – SEO and Google ranking are terms that you’ve frequently heard of. It is imperative for your video to have aptly constructed keywords and keyphrases, that determine your ranking on social media sites within Google. This stands the same for other search engines as well. Keywords must be relevant to your content and it is best to avoid keyword stuffing. Similarly, descriptions should accurately explain your video corresponding to the keywords you’ve used. 

The perfect balance between storytelling and metrics lays the foundation for 100% effective marketing, especially video marketing. And explainer videos prove to be fantastic agents to engage potential customers, boost prospects and familiarize them with your business. The Herculean task is to get them right. Exopic Media is here to help you nail it the first time.  Get in touch with us today!