How We Help You Create Your Brand During Lockdown

Buyer Persona can be simply defined as the representation of your target customer’s preferences & behaviour during the interaction, purchase and analysis with your online business. Exopic Media is the best advertising and marketing agency in Delhi, renowned for creating outstanding buyer or marketing personas. Marketing personas generally help you leverage your brand with content, product building, and service packaging. Let not Lockdown stop you from dreaming big or keep you away from the audience that matters!


Your Brand Persona is important! The following stats from a case study by NetProspex might be convincing enough:

  • Increase in the length of visit = 900%
  • Increase in marketing-generated revenue = 171%
  • Increase in email open-rate = 111%
  • Increase in the number of pages visited = 100%


Buyer personas need not be lengthy. Short and sweet marketing personas can do wonders provided you have captured the holistic essence of your target. You can infuse a bit of reality to your fictional characters by adding actual quotes. Adding details from your research to the persona will actually boost the factual credibility of the descriptions.

One thing to remember while creating Marketing personas for B2B and B2C customers is that they have their slight variations. You are selling directly to a customer in B2C profiles, therefore, the buyer persona should focus more on elaborate details like their day to day activities, requirements, work profile, influencing factors etc. Roles and responsibilities play a major role since it is about individuals using their own money and discretion to make purchasing decisions. B2B Customers, on the other hand, demand a marketing persona with more specific details. It must include where the customer works, what do they do, and how do they interact with their organisation. The major difference is that the persona is not always in charge of making the purchase decisions; here is where those detailed descriptions prove to be of great help! You can also have an “Internal influences” section where the key people who impact the persona’s purchasing decisions can be listed.


A basic Marketing persona according to the Content Marketing giant Hootsuite must contain the following details:

  • Explain how your product improves the home or work life of customers. What is it’s unique beneficial properties?
  • Identify your target customers by charting out various demographics and correlating them with the USPs of your product.
  • How do your brand and its products stay ahead of the competition? Explain how it satisfies the needs of customers better than rival brands.
  • Describe the life stages or work experiences that persuade them to buy and try your product.
  • Determine the buyers’ journey - What are the traits, behaviour, trends, other major/ minor factors that influence the purchasing decision of the target audience or that particular individual?


The next step is to perform a business or content audit. You must conduct thorough research on the work, industry and current projects related to your target. For instance, if you’re a shoe brand who has just launched a Sports section - you would try to find out each and every aspect of a budding sports enthusiast at a grassroots level. If it is a famous sports personality then you would try to find out the current tournaments, ongoing and upcoming endorsement contracts, lifestyle and future projects he or she is looking forward to.

And don’t just stop there.


It is wise to consult like-minded individuals. A wholesome understanding of your target audience is key!

Continuing with the shoe brand example you must work closely with school & local athletes so that you can analyse the pain points and effectively develop the perfect marketing persona. Their insights are your secret ingredients! Capture the essentials and USPs in one clear sentence and add it to your persona template.

Now, the first attempt at marketing persona is full of guesswork and theorized approaches. How to confirm your marketing persona? Simple! With Facebook. One can track and analyze consumer trends real-time with Facebook Audience Insights. With already one billion users online it has helped several businesses to personalize their marketing campaigns.

So, every time one is all set to make an important decision regarding business it is wise to refer to your buyer personas. They are your ultimate guide to strengthen bonds with real customers, boost your sales while also creating brand recognition and loyalty.


At Exopic Media we believe that brands have higher conversions when they target the right audience. During these unprecedented times, we help you leverage your brand’s consumer experience. Our carefully devised strategies take in to account the behaviour stages, customer goals & challenges, touchpoints & channels including Key Performance Indicators. What’s more? We are not afraid to go beyond the existing realms for unexplored demographics and generate ‘dream clients. Collaborate with us to engage your target audience on social media. Because your business cannot go under lockdown! We’ll compose, schedule and publish the best buyer personas for your ideal customers so that you tap into profitability and higher ROI. Get your free consultation today!

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