Inflight Advertising Cost and Ad Placement Options

Inflight Advertising Cost and Ad Placement Options

Inflight Advertising Cost and Ad Placement Options: Inflight advertising is fast gaining popularity in Marcomm or Marketing Communications. Almost every top creative agency in Delhi has a dedicated team working towards Airline advertising services. If you’re wondering why its high viewership is the reason obvious to be stated. If you ask me about the most boring part of air travel, it is that endless and eerily silent 30-minute ascents and descent period. Well most of us can relate to that. Every electronic device is switched off and we are gripping on to the seat handles or distracting ourselves from the uncomfortable sudden jerks & turbulence. So, what do we generally do during these 30 minutes? Pick up and browse through an in-flight magazine, isn’t it?

All About Airline Magazine Advertising

The perfect audience for inflight magazines is frequent flight travellers generally including business owners and decision-makers of big organizations. Airline Magazine advertising is the best way to reach these people directly. Apart from giving a much-needed break to flight travellers, who need to kill time, inflight advertisements also garner maximum attentivity from the captive environment that an aeroplane cabin provides. Every part of the magazine, including advertisements, gets the exposure that it deserves.

Airline Magazine advertising offers an excellent opportunity to brand owners and media buyers to reach out to their target audience. Numerous high-end, prestigious brands have started advertising in inflight magazines because these magazines are produced by high-quality publishing companies. These support advertising campaigns successfully through their fine glossy pages, interactive content and enhanced visual appeal. While looking for Inflight advertising it is important to hire a reputed airline advertising agency such as Exopic Media Pvt. Ltd. We are well known for our user-friendly airline magazine advertising content at affordable inflight advertising costs. We have tie-ups with premium publishing agencies as well as reputed airline companies; our efficient handling, years of industrial exposure enable us to offer the best cost of advertising in airline magazines.

Advantages of Inflight Magazine Advertising

  1. Presentability – The convenience of reading along with rapt attention achieved by the airline cabin’s captive environment makes inflight magazine advertising worthwhile. We at Exopic Media ensure your brand gets noticed with the perfect layout, stunning designs, visual enhancements along with targeted brand messages.
  2. Tangibility – This is one of the huge benefits offered by inflight magazines. Who doesn’t like the smell of the magazine, the glossy quality of the paper and interactive images? Lightweight magazines and effective content providing the genuine touch to the users are our specialities as the No.1 inflight advertising agency in India.
  3. Extendibility – Airline magazines have a very long shelf-life. Even after several months of publication, you can find people never really mind browsing through them. So your airline advertisements are sure to have an audience for longer time-periods. The extensive time factor and inflight advertising costs, indeed make it a favourable prospect among brands.

How To Proceed With Airline Advertising

Step 1

Select from the following range of variables offered by Exopic Media:

  • Ad Size
  • Ad Position
  • Magazine Issue Dates

Step 2

Creative Production: The clients’ creative agency generally handles advertisement design and creation. Else, we also offer offline as well as online marketing and advertising services at cost-effective rates. Once the creative and the aforementioned variables are selected, the advertisement is printed in the magazine.

Post-publishing, the finished copies are then sent to the client.

Step 3

Campaign Performance: You can measure the success of your campaign via tracking parameters such as web traffic, call volumes, sales trends and discount codes.

Providing a unique opportunity for brand owners, we house a proficient team adept at handling airline advertising at the best inflight advertising costs. We have an exhaustive list of Inflight Magazines in India. Inflight magazines have managed to carve a niche identity for themselves in the market despite the world going digital. Thanks to their guaranteed reach and the positive response elicited by their readers. In fact, Inflight magazine advertising holds a promising future with its long term benefits and persistent credibility.

India is home to a large number of airline carriers and brands can find unique as well as unlimited opportunities when it comes to airline magazine advertising. Dear brands, it is time for a paradigm shift; shift your focus from TV and internet advertising, towards inflight magazine advertising. Do not miss out out on a big-time opportunity to take your business towards greater heights of success and profits. Get ready to launch a successful campaign with the best inflight advertising company in Delhi – Exopic Media.

Our airline magazine advertising agency provides impeccable airline advertising solutions for domestic airlines. Through effective cost of advertising in airline magazines, and strong strategies to increase visibility and engage audiences we guarantee to deliver experiences that attract, delight and retain customers & drives your business forward.

Inflight Advertising Cost and Ad Placement Options

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