The Big Bang AD – How to create an effective advertisement?

If you’re someone who has incessantly surfed across numerous websites, conducted thorough web research and still haven’t figured out how, or from where to start, you’re at the right place! Although this article is dedicated to those who are new entrants to the world of advertisement, skilled marketers may also find this helpful to organize themselves better. 

Let’s move ahead and analyze the essential steps involved in creating an effective advertisement.

Ever heard of SWOT ANALYSIS?

It’s the abbreviated form of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Mind you, this analysis pertains equally to the company as well as the product! It is the foundation of any advertising campaign . Starting with the strengths – What makes your organisation unique? In what way do you add value to the customer? Other important factors include customer relationships, financial capabilities & resources, brand message type and so on. This can be followed by a thorough study of weaknesses, advertised products and opportunities for future development and growth. Last but not least, threat analysis is imperative which looks out for the competition from rival brands and other external factors. 

Where there is a goal, there is a business!

What are the main objectives you want to implement & achieve? What is the purpose of the advertising campaign? Once you’ve figured this out, it’s time to analyse the feasibility of your goals and objectives. First of all, one must ensure that it’s not too subdued or too far-reaching at the same time. Secondly one has to be discrete with the campaign’s marketing as well as advertising. Both have their own similarities and differences. 


Grab it and retain it. This is the magic motto of every powerful ad ever. There are numerous advertisements a person comes across each day. It’s impractical and hardly possible to expect that the person would go through all of those ads. An effective headline not only grabs people’s attention, but it also gets imprinted on to their memories if the product or service is relatable. 

Great headlines provide the apt shout out for your brand!

Headlines or titles come in many forms and tonalities. Some of them are newsworthy that is, they generally appear during the release of a new product or service. Others elicit the benefits or add value. While many headlines stick to the facts, others on the contrary use a negative angle. For e.g. an FMCG company may start with ‘Reduce costs’ instead of ‘Increase profits’. 

Be Outstanding

You must tap your potential customer base with an interesting proposition. What is so unique or distinctive about your organisation, that will make your customers go for your products and services rather than your rivals? It would be really great to make customers understand that your business is their number one choice. That you are to be preferred and they shouldn’t even consider your competitors. After all the ultimate goal is market establishment!

Here are some popular examples:

  • Domino’s Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”
  • Metropolitan Life: “Get Met. It Pays.”


Make an offer your customers can’t refuse. A free trial, an unbeatable price, free shipping, free gift package or even coupons for your products and services attracts and elevates your customer base! It should seem genuine – that you’re going out of your way to provide the best customer experience. 

And how do you set the deals? By computing Client Lifetime Value or CLV. It is the amount a client will benefit a company over time, here, in this case, your organisation. Do not hesitate to make small investments as these prove to be the gateway to huge profits! Once you’re ready with your irresistible offer it’s time to paint the town red. Yes! Your campaign needs to go on full swing with visually engaging designs and to-the-point information. 

Where the mind is without fear

Let’s face it, we all are nervous about spending money. After all, it is our hard-earned cash and we wouldn’t want it to be wasted off on substandard products or services. There is no dearth of scams or low-quality products in the market. If your customers are dominated by doubt and fear or regret their purchase, it is highly unlikely that they’ll avail your services and buy your products! So the first step is to alleviate their doubts, fears and insecurities. This in technical terms is known as ‘risk reversal’. Giving the assurance to a customer that there are no risks or losses involved, becomes a powerful purchasing inducement. Your customer will instantly feel better about the products and services you have to offer if your company is willing to stand behind it. This way you’re ensuring a risk-free guarantee and an assured back up. Who doesn’t love return and exchange facilities?! 

Excite Engage Educate

Humans are visual creatures. We process information based on what we see. Moreover, our attention span is of 8 seconds only. Evidently, the advertisement campaign should have innovative phrase-structure, attractive colour palette, relevant concept and design. Exciting static or even motion graphics appeal to the visual interest of your customers. Be it products or services you can click pictures by yourself, or take help of royalty-free relative content online and post them. This will help draw the attention and interests of clients towards your company. 

An effective ad is the one with an equally effective CTA or Call-to-action. It must create an urgency to buy the product, encouraging them to click on your ad, order your product, pay for your service, etc. An impactful ad is great but it will only be effective if you deliver what you promised! It is important that you always cater to your customers, exceeding their expectations. The focus should be on providing your customers with the best experience to your maximum. 

Thanks to the internet revolution, creating advertisements is way easier than it used to be. You must be having a few or a lot of ideas for your advertising campaign. Collaborate with us and we’ll take care of the rest! We create eye-catching ads that make the excitement levels rise up in customers and help you improve your conversion rate, making prospects into real customers!