Top 10 Restaurant Advertising & Marketing Strategies That Work in 2021

Restaurant Advertising & Marketing

Top 10 Restaurant Advertising & Marketing Strategies That Work in 2021: So you just inaugurated your new restaurant and asked everyone present at the launch to definitely pass on the happy new to everyone they know. Or you might even be an established restaurateur facing bleak times off late, so try to get your acquaintances and near ones on the loop. Word-of-mouth- marketing, quite effective, good for both the above parties. Those reading this will immediately find that something is amiss. That something is brand potential. This is where the top digital marketing company in India, Exopic Media steps in. Today’s IoT era witnesses every little marketing initiative being flagged off using the internet. It does all kinds of marketing for you within a minimal budget and effort; you can focus on your restaurant business development, while promotional endeavours are undertaken by the best digital marketing agency in India for you.

Our 360° marketing experts have compiled10 Restaurant Advertising and Marketing Strategies That Work in 2021. Let’s have a look: 


Businesses are going digital across all industry verticals. So it is all the more logical, that as a restaurant owner it is essential to have a website that educates customers about the menu, service quality, maintenance of hygiene and serving standards etc. You can even go for interactive landing pages that grab your target audiences attention with lucrative offers. Get search engine friendly websites with stunning visuals and impactful brand messages with the best website development company in India – Exopic Media. 

Push Notifications

Personalization is key. Especially if you have repeat customers. Keep them updated about the best discounts, newest additions to the menu, novel dishes, cuisines, special privileges, loyalty points, etc. through SMS Marketing and social media channels. 

Yo Metro!

Every modern business today has reserved a place for it on the metro rail. And why not? Lat recorded metro ridership was 14 million. It is a great place to advertise one’s products and services. If you’re a restaurant catering to customers from all parts of the city or country, metro rail advertising services is an incredible opportunity to boost tour brand potential. Get affordable metro rail advertising services in India from Exopic Media.

Turn Up The Radio

Even though the world runs on digital power, radio advertising has kept up on close heels. This is because it has wide reachability even at the remotest of areas. Also, it is the most cost-effective advertising platforms as compared to others. We help you broadcast your innovative restaurant campaigns on choices of slots and effectively blend the same with online promotional strategies for a holistic brand marketing. Get in touch with the top radio advertising agency in India for affordable radio advertising services. 

Social Media Campaigning

When our government commenced Digital India scheme, it wasn’t just a title. The extent of digital empowerment today is evident from that small tea and snacks shop in the street corner where you work, having a social media page with about 200+ followers within the locality itself! Imagine if you could yield more than that through interactive posts, visually appealing designs and on-point content? Being the leading social media marketing agency in India, we help you maximize your brand engagement and ROI, through innovative and concise social media campaigns. Be it small, medium or large-scale restaurants – we can help you thrive and prosper on reputed social media channels.

Video Marketing

Video is one of the most popular forms of marketing today. This is because oodles of brand content can be presented in the most attractive and aesthetic styles in just a matter of minutes! It is the most interactive and direct form of marketing where your target consumers get to see those tastiest preparations on the menu, event-based foodstuffs, hygiene and presentation standards etc. being served to them.

Build Your Online Reputation

If you are serving food and drinks, serve your audience space as well! This is the new digital mantra. As the best digital marketing agency in India, we help you get in touch with your target audience on prominent online platforms. Their positive and negative feedback will then help you improvise on your products and services and help you serve them in a better manner. Meanwhile, through relevant articles and blogs, innovative social media posts, and online marketing strategies, we help you build your brand authenticity. Get in touch with the best online reputation management company in India, today.

App It Up!

Every restaurant today operates on an app. Or they have tie-ups with reputed and top-performing online food delivery services. Interactive platforms, user-friendly operations, and lucrative schemes pull off a great show. We are not just the best app development company in India but we also offer top app marketing services in India as well. Right from conceptualisation to UI/UX design to wireframing and QA testing, we do it all. Post-launch we also promote your online restaurant reservation cum delivery app on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc.

Promo On-The-Go! 

Transit advertising is majorly overlooked but happens to be a prominent source of OOH advertising. Even when one is not online, one is always on the search for relevant content. Advertising your restaurant’s menu specialities, offers, USPs on buses, cabs, autos, that run nearby your locality will help you increase your brand popularity. Commuter while travelling is bound to be captivated by the visuals of your mouth-watering delicacies. It is a great way to maximize consumer base. We are the best transit advertising company in India offering affordable rates.

Power of PPC

Ranking high on search engines is one thing. Retaining that high-position consistently is another.  This is possible by Pay-Per-Click marketing or PPC. Google Ads is a prominent PPC platform, where you pay for your advertisement, whenever someone clicks your ad. Your restaurant can build a qualitative lead base, and gather large volumes of good food lovers. What’s more? You will climb the ladder of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking faster and higher!

Restaurant Advertising & Marketing: You provide great food and amazing services and we will provide you with maximized brand engagement, conversions, and ROI. Boost your restaurant business with comprehensive and affordable packages offered by the top 360° marketing and advertising agency in India – Contact Exopic Media for Restaurant Advertising & Marketing.

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