Transit Media Advertising Services Agency in India

Transit Media Advertising Services Agency in India

The Best Transit Media Advertising Services Agency in India: Are you looking for an advertising medium which tends to reach out to everybody? Say yes to Transit advertising!

The placement of ads on any mode of transport or their respective shelters like bus stops, cab shelters, rail stations etc. is known as Transit Advertising. For years now it has grown to become an important platform for maximized outreach, as the ads cater to a wide range of audience across all ages, incomes and backgrounds. You can reach out across various demographics with these ‘moving billboards’ too, with the help of the top Transit media advertising agency in India – Exopic Media Pvt. Ltd.

We are talking about reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, tourists who are visiting and shopping,  students on campus, pretty much anyone waiting for or travelling in any form of regular transport. Let us look at the great benefits transit media advertising has to offer.

  • Immediate Attention
  • Prolonged Exposure
  • Maximum Retention
  • No possibility of switching or turning off like Television or Radio
  • Captivating features like vibrant designs, pleasing visuals, colours, fonts etc.
  • Space Exclusivity
  • Ad Size & Location Flexibility

We are the best Transit media advertising services in India offering to-the-dot timeliness. We place ads in such a way that commuters on mass transit trying to reach a shopping outlet notice your brand and services, before reaching the destination where your products are available. This is also known as timely communication.  We also offer brands the biggest advantage of geographic selectivity – now reach out to your local population with powerful brand messages that target select segments. This mode is great for groundwork in ad promotions, then, you can eventually work your way up with large-scale targeting.

Speaking of variety, we provide King & Queen size ads which are large signage ads attached to the bus with aluminium frames. Clients can also avail Tail signs that you often come across behind a bus or a cab. Interior signs are seen only by commuters as they appear above the windows or on the divider which is located behind the driver seat. Be it absolute and relative costs, we provide one of the most affordable transit media advertising services. Giant moving advertisements are impossible to miss and are a lot of fun to look at when handled by experts well versed with the know-how of promotion and designing. Get in touch with the No1, Transit Media Advertising Services Agency in India.

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