Marketing and Advertising – you must’ve noticed these terms being stirred together or even confused together during business processes. Although both have the same objective – signalling and alluring customers towards the products and services being sold, there are some perceptible differences. Understanding these differences & similarities will help any business or organization to devise strategies to gain an audience as well as acquire customers. 

Let’s have a look at the definitions. In layman terms, “The process of promoting or selling of products and services is known as Marketing.” Figuring out the best way to coordinate the idea of a product or service with the target audience involves design creation, research and data mining. Marketing lays a whole new emphasis on the product; enhancing its appeal and redefining the product more than the actual product does. This is usually done by researching the target market and analyzing the scenario, channelizing social media platforms to facilitate better & convenient audience interaction, graphics creation and remodelling to use throughout different marketing channels, and…advertising!

‘Advertisement’ according to Barron’s Dictionary of Marketing Terms, is defined as 

“The paid form of a non-personal message, persuasive and informational in nature, which is communicated through various media. It is designed to influence the purchasing behaviour  and thought patterns of the audience.” In short, it is about letting a target audience know about a product or a service. This generally entails advertising campaigns across the media through creative positioning. The task must be undertaken in a timely, especially strategic manner. 

Moving to the comprehensive approach towards both business processes, ‘Marketing’ is a long-term business activity, while ‘Advertising’ is a hard currency job. 

‘Marketing’ is a pivotal activity which apart from promoting the product also involves:

  • Market understanding
  • Customer identification
  • Product designing as per requirements
  • Selecting the best media for product/ service promotion
  • Advertising through various channels
  • Price determination
  • Sales and distribution
  • Public relations management & 
  • After-sales service

In a nutshell – the right product to the right marketplace for the right people at the right price.

The process of ‘Advertising’ on the other hand is all about campaigns that align with the wants and needs of the prospective customers. For instance a product tailormade for a younger audience would be well received  in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as it will effectively reach out to them. While generic groups respond better to television. A great advertisement is the one that uses a blend of media to generate curiosity and excitement for a product or service. It spreads awareness across the consumers on various products, helping them easily identify what to eat, apply, wear, etc. It also helps in distinguishing between true and misleading information.

So what are the key factors that differentiate ‘Advertising’ from ‘Marketing’? 

  1. Marketing follows the 6Ps that is, Product, Price, Place, People ,Promotion, and Process. Advertising simply follows Promotion. 
  2. Advertising is marketing, but Marketing isn’t advertising.
  3. Increasing sales is the motive behind Marketing campaign, while Advertising campaign drives induction of customers.
  4. Marketing comprises of market creation for a product and reputation management while Advertising seeks public attention. 
  5. Marketing is done keeping long-term plan and prospects while advertising is a short term process.

Marketing is a process that is relatively more coordinated and widespread, while Advertising mostly pertains to brand communication. Marketing involves both research and practice. On the other hand, Advertising is direct practice. Consumer behaviour along with Market research  influence the strategies and tasks of Marketing, while Advertising is carried out with creative endeavors like multimedia design and production. 

It’s often debated which out of these two brings in more money – Marketing? Or Advertising? Well, how about an efficient combination of both? Indeed, if your aim is to reach out to your audience in a manner that’s systematic and effective! Once the essential P’s of Marketing have been imbibed, it’s time to integrate advertising campaigns in to your marketing strategy. An ideal ad campaign, bound to be successful consists of information that is well presented, memorable having a wide exposure base. This is what ultimately steers consumer traffic and profits. Just think about it – without researching the target audience, devising strategies and selecting suitable social channels, will your advertisements reach its destination at the market? This is why the ‘Marketing vs Advertising’ approach is often unsuccessful, especially during budget allocation. On the contrary, when you put your knowledge of market communication to good use, you can come up various types of advertising that can guarantee highest range visibility and broadcasting. It’s impossible for a masterpiece ad campaign to reach its full potential sans a comprehensive marketing strategy. Evidently, Marketing and Advertising share a symbiotic relationship! It should ultimately influence the customers in such a way that they ultimately buy your products and avail your services.

Our team at Exopic Media makes sure that equal and effective measures are taken in all of your marketing and advertising endeavors.