Why Digital Marketing is Serious Business for SMEs

It’s simple – if you’re not online, you do not exist. If you’re an entrepreneur who belongs to the popular strata known as Small & Medium Enterprises, you might want to gain some perspective! And if you do want to exist, let alone enjoy success and grow exponentially, people should get to know you! 

A digital marketing campaign uses the power of the internet in order to reach customers in the market. Internet is arguably the fastest growing medium, given its dynamic marketing possibilities. Social media and search engines have brought a plethora of marketing options for any kind of business, be it small, medium or large. Owing to the massive presence of Google and Facebook, you can not only promote your goods and services within the local region but also reach a large number of potential buyers all over the nation or the world! 

You see what you seek! 

Now, it all depends upon your perspective. If you aim high, you soar high. If you own a garment shop and quite content with the current business, then it doesn’t really matter. But if your ambition is to grow and develop your shop into a sprawling boutique with a high brand-recall value, then you do not have much of a choice. Nowadays, it’s possible for both small and medium businesses to achieve success through online advertising and marketing. This is carried out by a combination of social media marketing, video marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing and email marketing. It’s equally essential to optimize your site pages, popularly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your organisation reaches the top position in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPS during an online search. 

Helpful Tips

One must have a keen eye towards the recent trends of digital marketing by reading current news or popular blogs. For example, with more and more people viewing videos online, videos are being used by marketing experts to promote businesses. Another helpful tip is to track as well as analyze website statistics since it informs you about the visitor demographics. Additionally, be careful to not ignore the reach of mobile platforms. Mobile devices today have overcome PC users in terms of numbers. Also, major networks all over the world let mobile user’s access to social media, email and websites by using their smartphone. Since that’s the case, advertisers are going to need to add such important new media in their digital marketing campaign.

How valuable is it to SMEs?


Any business requires a constant flow of capital at every stage. It is a well-established fact that at the initial stage you have to spend a lot of money on advertisement and promotion of your company. And digital media has become the saviour to numerous upcoming enterprises around the globe by offering cost-effective marketing opportunities. Tactics like social media ads, Pay-per-click or PPC ads, or even display ads can produce better results. Email marketing is a great way to maximize your audience in a jiffy! 


Dramatic changes have occurred since the advent of digital marketing. Whether it be small or big business, online marketing helps you to directly get in touch with your current as well as potential customers across many places at the same time! 

Minimum time & efforts

Is the best thing that could have ever happened. After all, now you have ample time to focus on other equally important procedures for your business, while the traffic towards your digital media can be optimized through regularly updating or modifying your website & posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. 

Expert opinion

Going for the services of a 360° advertising & marketing media company means choosing to associate yourself with seasoned experts who are adept with the latest developments in today’s market scenario. Each and every aspect and move is analysed before coming up with relevant content that suits your organisation profile, in keeping with the best interests. Skilled personnel actually help you devise target-oriented & cost-effective approaches, and create long-lasting positive impressions of your brand as well as potential customers. 

All-time-high returns

Target-oriented campaigns tend to attract customers attention over a wide base and demography. These can be transformed into potential leads and eventually high paying customers. 

Do it your way

 One of the greatest advantages of digital media is having your own space of time as well as creativity. Digital marketing campaigns gives you complete freedom to make unlimited changes – be it sprucing up your content & design with updated features or a complete makeover. These can be done without much waiting whenever the need arises. 

Don’t be left behind! 

Rival or competitor profiling and strategy is a very important aspect of business development. Your rival organisations may be inculcating recent advancements in digital marketing to obtain more customers in the market. If you don’t reach out and gather your customers from the market someone else will! Isn’t it wise to devise and implement your own digital marketing campaign? If your path consists of sales conversion and better prospects then digital marketing is your leading light! 

At Exopic Media, our vision is to accelerate the digital marketing performance of SMEs (national & international) on a remote basis through efficient & efficacious service. We are dedicated to providing top-class digital expertise at affordable prices to all. Our years of skill, competence & industry adaptation sets us apart from other companies. Get in touch with us today to take your business to the next level!